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Mon, Jul 23

InfiniteFootball GPS : Find Pickup Football GamesAlso this week, we released our first pickup football iPhone app - InfiniteFootball GPS.

Like the others in the family, InfiniteFootball GPS locates nearby pickup football games and groups of people wanting to play and displays them on a map allowing you to connect with people and play football.

InfiniteFootball GPS is free and our hope is to continue to build a community of amateur athletes who just want to get out, connect with people and play.

Click through to download today!
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Mon, Jul 23

InfiniteHockey GPS : Find Pickup Hockey GamesThis week our free pickup hockey app - InfiniteHockey GPS - was released to the Apple App Store.  

InfiniteHockey GPS locates nearby pickup hockey games and groups of people wanting to play and displays them on a map allowing you to connect with people and play hockey.

Click through to download and try it out today.
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Mon, Apr 23

Introducing Our Softball App -- InfiniteSoftball GPSWe are very excited to announce the immediate availability of our newest iPhone app - InfiniteSoftball GPS.  

The app locates nearby pickup softball games and groups of people wanting to play and displays them on a map allowing you to connect with people and play softball.  One can click on a pushpin of a group to join in and message other players to arrange times to play.  Clicking on a game, allows you see the game details and indicate if you are "In", "Out" or "Undecided".  One can even subscribe to a group's game schedule to add the times your iPhone's calendar.

Click through to read more and see screenshots at the App Store.  Try it out today.

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Thu, Jun 24

The Indypendent » Take Back the Summer: The Indypendent’s Summer Culture GuideInfiniteHoops and InfiniteSoftball received a mention on the NYC web site and paper - The Indypendent - today.  Have a read.

"If you’d rather watch than play New York City’s courts are host to some outstanding and flamboyantly talented ballers.  You just have to know where to find them.  Check out ... INFINITE HOOPS ( to find games and plan your participation.  Pickup baseball and softball can also be located through"
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Mon, Apr 26

Twelve Thousand PlayersThis weekend the Infinite sites passed our 12000th registered player so it is as good of a time as any for an update.  

Last month InfiniteHoops received a little press attention during March Madness.  The same thing happened last March, and it is so great that it happened again.  This time we received a mention on "Netted: By The Webbys" and "Thrillist".  We love both of those sites and really appreciate the coverage.  If you are interested in checking out the articles, you can find links on our press page --

We are signing up about 500 players a month right now.  As we approach summer in the northern hemisphere, more and more people are looking for games, finding our sites and signing up.  Last month was the highest month ever for page views and visits for and second highest month across all sites.  Third party identity providers (such as Facebook Connect, MySpaceID and Sign in with Twitter) continue to account for 15% of all new registrations, and Facebook is making up 90% of these.

Engagement on the site continues to be great.  Last month had our highest usage of the game "roster" (where people click "I'm In", "I'm Out" or "Undecided") ever.  Similarly, events generated by users doing things on the site was again all an time high.

Last week we integrated the Facebook Like button on InfiniteHoops and InfiniteSoccer.  We think this is a great way to get the word out about our sites.  If you like us, feel free to give it a click.

So who was the 12,000th player?  A basketballer from New Westminster, British Columbia.

Thanks for making our sites great, everyone.  Tell your friends about us.

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Thu, Feb 25

Nominate InfiniteHoops for "Best Boot-strapped Startup"If you are a fan of InfiniteHoops, we would love it if you helped our site get a little attention by nominating for "Best Boot-strapped Startup" in the Seattle 2.0 Awards.

We really appreciate your support.  Thanks very much!
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Fri, Nov 13

The Real-Time Web and InfiniteSoftballTonight I am releasing a new version of InfiniteSoftball that reflects a significant change in the way developers are building new sites of the real-time web.

What is the real-time web?

The real-time web is all about information delivered to you as it becomes available.  For InfiniteSoftball users, it means every block on the site is real-time enabled.  When you look at your game roster, you will see your teammates mark themselves as in, out or undecided as they do it.  Your comments and updates blocks will always be up to date.  It means you don't have to refresh to see the latest stuff.  You don't have to wait for something to poll to get new data.  It's all live.

I hope the change is useful to you.  I think you'll see more real-time features all over the web as time goes by.  As always, if you see a bug on our site or have feature suggestions, feel free to send me a message and let me know.

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Sun, Apr 26

"Sign In with Twitter" Now SupportedWe've just added the ability to sign in with your Twitter account to InfiniteSoftball.  If you are a big Twitter user and would like to avoid remembering a new password, feel free to click the "Sign in with Twitter" link and get right in.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

Tosh Meston
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Mon, Apr 13

Facebook Connect and MySpaceID Now SupportedHey everybody,
Just a quick update. InfiniteHoops now supports Facebook Connect and MySpaceID as login methods. This means you no longer have to remember your InfiniteHoops password, you can just click the Facebook Connect or MySpaceID button and get right in.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

Cheers, Tosh Meston
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Wed, Mar 18

March Madness: 10 sites to feed your need | Webware - CNET"InfiniteHoops is a unique site that lets you find others in your area who might want to start a pickup basketball game. Users input where they will be playing a game and when, and others who want to play can join the game. It's a great way to connect with people around town when the tournament makes you want to play some hoops."

-- Don Reisinger, CNET Blog Network author

CNET mentioned InfiniteHoops in a March Madness inspired post this evening.  How cool is that?  Check out the article everybody.
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Tue, Jan 27

Thanks to InfiniteSoftball's SponsorsInfiniteSoftball would like to thank CoastToCoastTickets for their support of our pick-up sports social network.

Coast To Coast Tickets is your connection to great tickets, nice people and a fantastic buying experience.  Looking for baseball tickets or other sports tickets?  Coast To Coast Tickets does the searching for you, and they make it possible for you to buy tickets to an event, even at the last minute.

Coast To Coast Tickets -- Great Tickets from Nice People
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Tue, Jul 29

Nice.  Our Infinite sports sites have reached four thousand registered players today.  Not bad at all considering we're a home grown shop, self-funded, self-developed...  The last six months or so has been very good for us.  The player registrations and page views are at all time high.  We've even added a site for finding and scheduling pick-up hockey games --

We've also had some great press from a number of sites including the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Toronto's and the technology blogosphere's and more.  Check out our press page!

So who was player number four thousand?  A soccer baller from Santa Cruz, CA.  Invite your friends everybody.  Let's go 5000!
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Tue, Jun 24

Mainstream Web Watch: - ReadWriteWeb"In this post we look at another mainstream basketball site, but this time a small niche site created by someone with a passion for the sport - has a very simple purpose: to enable people to find and schedule pick-up games of basketball."

-- Richard MacManus, ReadWriteWeb

InfiniteHoops was featured in a post on ReadWriteWeb today, which I think is fantastic.  ReadWriteWeb is a blog that covers web technology news, reviews and analysis.  Thanks for the great post, Richard!
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Wed, Mar 19

March Madness: Seattle's sports startupsWhat a day.  First I wake up to seeing InfiniteHoops mentioned in, and now the Seattle PI venture reporter, John Cook, has included InfiniteHoops in a post on his Venture Blog on Seattle sports startups.  Have a read.

Quote: Tosh Meston, who runs the InfiniteHoops site, where basketball players can find local pick up games ... created InfiniteHoops because he and his friends simply wanted an easy way to know who would be showing up for games. The site now has about 3,000 members and 600 groups.
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Tue, Mar 18

Mashable: 19 Tools For The Best March Madness EverThe social networking news site has given our site InfiniteHoops a mention.  Check it out.

Quote: - If all this basketball talk this time of year gives you an urge to go out and play some yourself, InfiniteHoops can help you set up a pick-up game in your area quickly.
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