Twelve Thousand Players

Posted by Tosh Meston on Mon, Apr 26

Twelve Thousand PlayersThis weekend the Infinite sites passed our 12000th registered player so it is as good of a time as any for an update.  

Last month InfiniteHoops received a little press attention during March Madness.  The same thing happened last March, and it is so great that it happened again.  This time we received a mention on "Netted: By The Webbys" and "Thrillist".  We love both of those sites and really appreciate the coverage.  If you are interested in checking out the articles, you can find links on our press page --

We are signing up about 500 players a month right now.  As we approach summer in the northern hemisphere, more and more people are looking for games, finding our sites and signing up.  Last month was the highest month ever for page views and visits for and second highest month across all sites.  Third party identity providers (such as Facebook Connect, MySpaceID and Sign in with Twitter) continue to account for 15% of all new registrations, and Facebook is making up 90% of these.

Engagement on the site continues to be great.  Last month had our highest usage of the game "roster" (where people click "I'm In", "I'm Out" or "Undecided") ever.  Similarly, events generated by users doing things on the site was again all an time high.

Last week we integrated the Facebook Like button on InfiniteHoops and InfiniteSoccer.  We think this is a great way to get the word out about our sites.  If you like us, feel free to give it a click.

So who was the 12,000th player?  A basketballer from New Westminster, British Columbia.

Thanks for making our sites great, everyone.  Tell your friends about us.


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